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Want happy, empowered kids? Cute chicks are the key!

Our farmhand will be four this summer. She's starting to count past five, sort of reads her books, and does a lot of things "by MYself."

If you've had kids, you know where we're at- somewhere between brimming with pride and tearing our hair out.

So we've given our farmhand chores. She helps clean, feeds the dogs, and does a lot of the chicken chores.

Our Farmhand helping with chores

She loves caring for the chicks- giving them fresh water, food, snuggles and watching them run around. She understands to be gentle (most of the time...) and that eggs need to be handled with care (there's a baby in there!). She struts around the barn proud of the work she can do.

She can't do everything yet, but she can do more than most give her credit for. For us, instilling a sense of responsibility early is important. We're teaching her that she can do hard things, and it's paying off.

She's a happy kid, if we do say so ourselves. She doesn't easily give up. She has patience for boring tasks. We give those cute fluffy chicks a lot of the credit.

If you are looking to add to your flock, check out this other post about why you should have chickens and be sure to join our mailing list so you know when the next batch of eggs hit the incubator. Spring will be here before you know it, and that's a perfect time to start empowering and delighting your kids!

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