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Doing it Right is the Right way to Do It.

Our Farm Hand cuddling Chicks

Running our own hatchery is an amazing experience. It's so rewarding to share farm life with our daughter and community both online and in person. There's a lot to it, and we hope through our efforts that we can keep these amazing breeds and this amazing way of life going.

That's not to say things haven't been without hiccups. We had a batch of eggs only produce one chick. We learned that roosters are just shy enough that too small of a breeding area leads to less breeding... so another renovation to the barn, some larger "birdoirs" as we're calling them, and we're back in business. Our farm hand has dropped a few eggs and a few chicks (the latter fairing better than the former. It's an adventure every day.

We're learning a lot and loving the journey. Doing it right is the right way to do it. That's why we've been NPIP certified since the beginning. Our chickens are certified healthy and thriving and we do everything it takes to keep them that way. Sometimes it involves shots. Not our favorite, but mostly it involves hours keeping the coop clean, the water fresh and the food flowing.

We have our batch of chicks for sale, pictured above, and we hope you check out our e-store and grab a few to snuggle yourself- they come a little pre-loved, but we promise there's pleanty of cute left... head on over to the Add to Your Flock oage and check it out!

The guys and girls at Hartsboro Hatchery

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