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Kids and Chickens- a Perfect Pair

Our Farm Hand Snuggling an Egg

Not that I'm biased or anything, but how cute is this?

That's our farm hand snuggling an egg- "There's a baby in there!" (not yet love... soon!)

Chickens are a great addition to your family. You don't need a ton, they're hardy, and easy to care for.

You can hatch chicks and teach your own little farmhand the cycle of life (or, if it's too soon, grab a look a like fairly easily).

The food is easy and fun to distribute, chickens love snacks. Eggs are fun to collect. We love that our farm hand knows to put on her barn boots, confidently picks up our biggest rooster, and loves her role as a helper. It's amazing watching her grow and learn. Plus, the healthier, fresh eggs will help your farm hand grow big and strong. Really, I can't think of downsides to kids and chickens. Well, when she forgets to take her barn boots off and tracks barn mess into the house, but that's nothing compared to the dogs and cats.

We're proud to be a family run hatchery- follow our journey on Facebook and Instagram, and be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know- from our family to yours, thanks for the support!

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