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Why Chickens?

Why not chickens?

Ok, seriously though, you're here to learn more. Perhaps you're venturing into the chicken world, maybe you've had chickens before and are interested in adding some variety and interest to your flock. Maybe you've always wanted green eggs. Whatever your reasons, chickens can be a great addition to your household. We don't recommend actually having them in your house, but you get the idea.

We started with chickens years ago because we were tired of pulling ticks off the dogs, and the straw that broke the camel's back was a tick on my husband. My aunt had chickens and proclaimed she didn't have ticks at all. Next thing I know, 8 happy ladies showed up and started doing their thing. Thanks to craigslist and chicken swaps, our flock quickly grew, our creativity with egg recipes with it, and out tick population was decimated.


We eventually started selling the eggs, and as the original ladies fell victim to old age, started learning more about rare and heritage breeds, focusing on breeds that would do well in Vermont, or that we thought would be fun to raise. Plus, all the eggs we can eat!

So why should you raise chickens?

- Fresh eggs with higher nutritional value and lower carbon footprint.

- Reduced tick and other bug population.

- Access to great compost.

- Easy for kids to care for- some water, so food, some sunlight, that's about it.

- Chickens are funny.

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