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Welcome to Hartsboro Hatchery!

A Little About Us

Born from a desire to bring rare and hardy breeds back to our area, Hartsboro Hatchery is a family affair. After years of having backyard chickens and enjoying the benefits of fresh eggs, a reduced tick population and a roving pack of cuddly composters, we’ve narrowed our focus and are dedicated to bringing you the coolest breeds around. 

We’re committed to doing things that are sustainable, reduce our carbon footprint, and make our community a better place. Knowing where your food comes from, be it your eggs for breakfast or your meat for dinner, is a key to leading a better and fulfilled life. It certainly fulfills ours.

We Believe in Sustainable Farming

We're a small Vermont Hatchery specializing in rare breeds of chickens. Raised in a classic barn and allowed to free range, these are must have birds.

We believe in small scale and sustainable farming. The steps we take today to reduce our carbon footprint matter, and supporting local business is good for the environment and our community.  


Come Meet Our Flock

Hartsboro Rd Wallingford VT United States 05773

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